Ringing Rocks of Montana

This is Montana off-the-beaten path at its finest. While the crowds are in Glacier National Park and Battle of Little Bighorn and Yellowstone, you can have a solo Montana experience that you will never forget. You have to hear the ringing rocks to believe it!

At first glance, the ringing rocks look like a pile of brown boulders nearly 100 feet tall. They are actually a unique geological structure full of sonorous rocks that produce a bell-like quality when tapped with a hammer.

Scientists don’t understand why the ringing rocks make these sounds. Their best guess is a combination of the composition of the rock and the stacking patterns that have developed as the rocks have eroded away.

What is the biggest mystery about the ringing rocks? A boulder will no longer ring if it is removed from the pile!

What to bring

A metal hammer or crescent wrench, hiking boots, sunscreen, water, and bear spray (just in case)


I-90 Exit 241 (Pipestone)

Please note that there are no services at this exit.

After exiting, you will have the choice of three dirt roads north of I-90. The hard part is choosing the right one.

You want this road that parallels the highway and heads east. It looks like this.

right road.JPG

Do not choose this road that parallels the highway to the west. We made that mistake for about 10 miles. Oops!

wrong road.JPG

Continue on the unimproved dirt road for five miles. A vehicle with high clearance is preferable, but we made it in my Subaru Outback on a dry day.

When you come to a rail fence with a wooden sign and a spot for parking, stop here. You will notice that road curves to the left and becomes very rough ahead.

Now it’s time to grab your hammer and water bottle and start walking up the road. The good news is the boulder field is only 100 yards ahead!


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