Did you learn about buffalo jumps in school?

Watch my new video about buffalo jumps!

Since I’m from Ohio, I have the double whammy when it comes to hiking in Montana: I’m used to low altitude and flat lands. Luckily, I’m living near a nice trail in Montana this summer with some altitude gain so I can practice some uphill hiking.

Not only is it a hiking trail, it is full of ancient history. And if that weren’t enough, it is a sacred place where the real world and spirit world seem to intersect.

It’s called the First Peoples Buffalo Jump in Ulm, Montana. I’m very intrigued by the human ingenuity required to trick a herd of buffalo to jump from a cliff.  I’d like to share this ancient story with you. Watch the video now.

Sorry for the huffing and puffing, but I really did just walk to the top of the butte!




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